WizzForms Example Page

Scanned Date/Time    
First Name: Last Name:
Address: Сity:
ZIP/Postal Code:    
Date of Birth:    
Expiration Date:    

See instructions and video below

Creating WizzForms Profiles | Click here to see WizzForms for Windows OS



1.      Click the “Create/Edit” Tab on the bottom menu to begin setting up your scanning profile.  Click the “Profiles” button in the top left and press the “+” to create a new scanning profile.  After you create the profile make sure you choose the new scanning profile you created.




2.      Navigate to the page you’d like to populate and set each field with the data you’d like to collect.  When finished, press “Update” in the top-right.



3.      Click the “Open/Scan” button on the menu.  Click the “Profiles” button in the top left corner and choose the profile you created.




4.      Now you’re ready to start scanning.  To use the camera-scan feature, click the camera button.  Otherwise, please use one of the tablet scanners we recommend.